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Helping to shape goal-focused, healthy and balanced individuals

My passion is to help individuals and teams achieve personal growth in four steps: Creating a balanced life by focusing on 6 categories: mindfulness, rest, relationships, career, education and health; Setting realistic and achievable goals; evaluating and improving their overall health (both physical and mental); and mastering the art of time management. Sounds life changing? Then be sure to contact me today to start you or your team’s journey.

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One-On-One Coaching
Through these personal sessions we work together to create a unique strategy, catering to your specific needs, to help you kick-start your personal growth journey.


Interactive Team Workshops
The strength of the team lies with each individual member. These interactive workshops will help you and your team grow as individuals and as a unit with the ultimate goal of achieving success together.


Public Event Speaking
Looking for a speaker to captivate and help enrich the lives of your event audience? Then be sure to connect with me today!


Guided Online Courses
Each guided online course provides you with the tools to improve your professional and personal life, no matter where you are located in the world.


Having gained over 20 years of experience ranging over 2 continents as a Professional Project Manager and Engineer, I soon realized my deep love and passion for education and helping others improve their personal and professional life. Taking the leap – I decided to focus on my personal and business coaching part-time and enjoy the fulfilling experience.

The lecturer’s pace is very manageable and easy to follow and understand. The brilliant simplicity of the system and focus on the use of the tools keeps me engaged and on track every step of the way through the course.
Sebastian Burgert Lanser

Amazing course. Would love to hear more from this tutor.
Stefan du Toit

Great teacher, some really good advice for gaining more control over and visualizing my personal 24 hours every day.
Andreas Holzemer

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